She Reads She Eats is a different sort of food or book blog. Occasionally there may be a review or a recipe but primarily this is a place to collect stories, using meals, foods, and books as a starting point for mapping our memories, and making new ones. I’ll be exploring my own memories, interviewing people, and occasionally going on adventures into the past with friends.

This isn’t my first blog. For the past nine years I’ve been one of those Mama’s who write about our lives; primarily about our adventures, unschooling, and parenting issues. Though our lives continue to be full of excitement I no longer feel the need to share it in the same way.

My Influences:

My father was a lover of modern art, jazz, and book (and many other things). He taught me that the stories behind any work of art was as fascinating as the piece itself. By the time I was ten I knew the biographies of tons of Big Band era musicians, Abstract Expressionist artists, and authors (especially those who spent time in Paris or Berlin up until World War Two). He also read to me, at the beginning of kindergarten we started reading the Hobbit and continued through high school. Whether it was a story or an old physic textbook that sat on a shelf he taught me to love books.

My mother was an anthropologist, it was her work to collect stories of people all over the world (primarily in Portugal and Brazil). She also collected people, every Thursday night a varied group of anthropologists, travelers, and other people would gather together for a big meal and conversation. There are still flavors from those nights that bring me back to stories that I still remember.

Finally there is my aunt Iris who taught me to see food as was to connect to family and friends. The focal point of our family’s year is Thanksgiving. Planning for starts months before (never until after Rosh Hashanah) it is a communal project of emails and notes passing sometimes across continents in preparation. But nothing about this meal was formal or rigid it is truly feeding family as a form of love and connection.

Who am I:

In my working life I’m a bookseller, a community farm manager, and a writer. The rest of my life is spent exploring either our city and the near by mountains, rock climbing and hiking, museums and neighborhoods in equal parts with my husband, son, and friends.