In From the Cold


I was all set to start a new blog, this me after all- serial blogger, then I remembered this was here and the name fit. So after a pitiful beginning with huge goals I’m going to step back in here with a much smaller one. To write. Yep that’s it. I’m still reading and eating so why not here. No promises (she shouts to the very empty virtual room).

Don’t get too excited about the title, there won’t be any talk about spy stories today, lately I’ve been reading lots of memoirs and short stories. It seems in the political climate today that’s all I can sustain. Though there have been novels that I devoured. More on all of that soon. Still I feel a little like a spy who has been out in the world finally coming home. The whole “they think I’m just a bookseller” not a superhero tale….what that’s not a thing?  Instead, I feel like I’m coming back to a lot of things I left behind for the last few year– blogging being one of them. Of course things have changed since I’ve been gone, blogging is no longer the same sort of community it was before the prevalence of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Long form conversations seem to have vanished in the age of 140 characters, and I’m not sure it’s a good thing. Still this “spy” is happy to be home.



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